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Bid Management Out Sourcing - that extra help when needed


We provide out sourcing consultancy for those companies that require Bid Management assistance on a retained or an ad hoc basis.  We can provide retained service for the following circumstances: 

  • Bid Management -If you only undertake a few bids a year, we can provide this service for you on a retained or consultancy basis.

  • Tender Management - If you have a series of tenders to answer but do not wish to engage a full time bid manager, we can provide tender management or writing on an hourly, daily and a retained basis.

  • Large Bid Management - when you have a large bid, especially when you are not used to them, we can provide the services of The Bid Manager and specialists on a retained or daily consultancy basis.

  • Bid Support - when your bid or technical team need that little bit of extra assistance we can provide the resources.

The Benefits to Your Company

  • You do not need to employ, train and retain expensive bid management staff.

  • You benefit from our skills and experience.

  • You have bid and tender managers on call.

  • Your bids and tenders are produced to your own style and to a superior quality.

  • You have the comfort of knowing that you can produce that tender or large bid at short notice.

The Kind of work we undertake


Management - on or off site of your bidding or tendering process.

Knowledge Transfer – we will work along side your staff training and assisting them as they prepare a tender or bid.

Mentoring of your bid or tender management staff – offering discreet guidance and support to your staff as and when required.

Bid or Tender Writing - be they small or multi million $ bids.  We are familiar with local government and educational bids - so if you want a Quality Statement of Work Analysis written then........

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Sales Element part to your tender, including Key Selling Points, Unique Propositions, business cases, strategies. We find that this is the main area that small companies struggle with.  They have the technical skills but are unable to present their tenders in a winning manner.

Project Solution provision to your tender – again very technical companies have particular problems in detailing the “soft” solutions to a tendered requirement.

Detailed Risk Assessment of a potential tender – tendering is time consuming and expensive. We can assess the risks associated with undertaking or winning the tender and produce the answers that restrict your risk in your proposals.

Quality Reviews of your tender or bid documentation – an experienced eye can often identify problems that have been overlooked as you become too close to your tender.

How it Works - Contracted

We provide you with a service level agreement detailing our services, deliverables and both of our mutual obligations.

You pay a monthly fee to include:

  • An agreed amount of inclusive  support and consultancy.

  • Our response time.

  • The optimum working arrangement.

  • The number of bids to be prepared per period.

  • A contracted low daily rate.

We undertake bid or tender management for your company as a priority.

We provide consultancy, support, training and guidance, as a priority to your company.

How it Works - One off or Ad Hoc

We discuss your requirements with you and agree a daily or hourly rate for your bid or tender. We work on site or off site with your staff and also provide provide consultancy, support, training and guidance to them.

If you are a small company - don't worry we have worked with many small companies!

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